In today’s world, online presence is an imperative for success of any business. Just having online presence is not good enough. Potential clients these days gather most of the information about the company from the website. Therefore, the website has to be not only good looking but also be engaging, compelling and provide enough information that focuses on company’s core competency. From marketing perspective it is important that the website shows up in the first one or two pages of the leading search engines on the web, because these days the prospective clients try to search for the required products and services online. All this only substantiates a need for a well-designed and properly architected website.

We are experts in design and development of web sites and web applications with number of years of experience working with large corporates.

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Web Applications

Organizations today need to plan in advance for their future business needs that are constantly evolving. The changing business and technology landscape demands business and technological agility driving new business imperatives. The enterprise application and technology landscape has to constantly evolve to ensure that the business will continue to innovate for sustained success in the foreseeable future. iPowerfour engages with organizations to bring differentiation in user experience, application development, support and maintenance across the complete life-cycle. This invariably allows organizations to free up their time to focus on more strategic initiatives. It enables them to reduce the total cost of operations and hence realize greater value.

Our Business Application Services enables customers to create successful and adaptive businesses through a robust business architecture, process transformation and innovation.

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business process engineering

Mobile applications are continuously evolving to change the way people seek information, do business, communicate with people, etc. One of the most noticeable change has been the invent of smartphones and the kinds of things people can do with it today. Mobile applications are becoming increasingly popular ranging from doing simple tasks such as tracking ones calories to complex mobile banking transaction. These days large enterprises are taking mobility as priority and developing applications for their employees to do most of their daily tasks using smartphones. We have understood this evolution of mobile technology and its usage and have aligned with it. We have developed skills in almost all the smartphone development environment.

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mobile applications

Today technology space is continuously and rapidly changing and forcing business to adapt and change the way the business is carried out. It is apparent that Mobile, Cloud and social systems are converging and compelling businesses to develop products that will align with this convergence and improve their business. Moreover, Robotic Process Automation, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, etc., are other computer science evolutions which are more or less imperative for business to adopt. Business are unable to scale and develop systems to keep up with these technology changes while keeping focus on their core competency.

Therefore, they are forced to look for capable and reliable extended teams who can understand their vision and business goals and help them develop robust systems keeping pacing with developing technologies.

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We are a leading provider of Quality Assurance and Testing services. We have Testing as a separate center of excellence with experience in Manual and automated testing. Our high quality professional testing will allow the businesses to focus on their core area and not worry much about the quality of the product. Our testing process improvement model enables businesses to define gradual and controllable steps for improvement. Our ability to quickly adapt to the processes will only help businesses to reap the benefits quickly in lifecycle.

We have substantial expertise in multiple domains that enables us to deploy the subject matter experts and test architects on the job from day one. Our meticulously designed testing processes ensure high test coverage and effective defect removal.

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Quality Assurance

We have substantial expertise in eLearning content development. We engage with the potential clients at the consulting level. We not only provide content development service but also look at the existing technology landscape, assess the learning needs, plan for online or blended learning and then suggest a suitable LMS.

We have unique method of coming up with strategy for the development of content (courses, lessons, etc) based on the business requirement. The entire design and development is carried out in 3 distinct phase Visual design, Information design and Activity design.

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Content Service

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